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First 'The Elder Scrolls Online' beta invites going out this week [Update]

Screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online for the PC.
Screenshots of The Elder Scrolls Online for the PC.
ZeniMax Online

Zenimax Online confirmed Tuesday that the first round of beta invites for the upcoming PC MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, will be sent out this week.

Only a select few will get into The Elder Scrolls Online beta at first.
ZeniMax Online

The beta for The Elder Scrolls Online begins at the end of March according to Zenimax Online so fans who have registered have eagerly sent questions to the game's official Twitter account on when invites will be sent.

"The first wave of [The Elder Scrolls Online] beta event invites will go out this week," a ZeniMax community rep responded. "Keep an eye here and on our website for updates!"

It sounds like the developer will be particularly selective on who gets in the invites. The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account notes that each closed beta event will have "particular needs" and participants will be selected to match what needs to be tested.

"We'll start with smaller groups of focused testers, who all registered through our [The Elder Scrolls Online] beta signup," Zenimax said.

Update: The first wave of invites have been sent out according to

The business model for The Elder Scrolls Online has not been announced yet but it is expected to release some time in 2013. Whether the MMORPG is a subscription-based title, free-to-play title

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Via: @TESOnline


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