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First the cronut, now the donnoli

The cronut, introduced to the Lehigh Valley at Mary Ann Donut Kitchen in Allentown, was the fad bakery craze that featured a deep-fried croissant, which is a combination of croissant and doughnut.

One of five pastry treats picked to surpass the cronut by Smithsonian Magazine; a donnoli, which combines the doughnut and cannoli.

This combo involves the fried doughnut being stuffed with the cannoli's cream, a sweet ricotta filling, and covered in powdered sugar. Sometimes, the donnoli, may also be filled additionally with whipped cream, chocolate chips, or covered in frosting.

Only a few Philadelphia pastry shops and some bakeries at Shop Rite stores are offering the this new treat. However no one in the area or nearby is offering the donnoli.

The closest location to the Valley that sells the donnoli; a Belleville Essex County Shop Rite, which is in Northwest Jersey.

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