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New "The Amazing Spider-man 2” clip shows Peter rescuing Gwen from Oscorp

Sony has released the first official clip from the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-man 2.

In the first clip from "The Amazing Spider-man 2" Peter helps Gwen get out of Oscorp by distracting the guards

In the clip, Gwen (Emma Stone) and Peter (Andrew Garfield) are in the closet hiding from someone in Oscorp. Peter gives Gwen a kiss, something that surprises her, before coming up with a plan to get her out of Oscorp. Judging by the fact Gwen is surprised he kissed her, it’s probably towards the beginning of the movie. Let’s not forget that Peter had promised Gwen’s father to stay away from her.

The first clip was released earlier in the week and showed Spider-man (Garfield) trying to calm down Electro (Jamie Foxx) who looks to just have received his powers. You can watch the clip on Youtube .

With the new Captain America movie coming out next month, Sony will no doubt be trying to keep popping up randomly making sure we don’t forget about our friendly, neighborhood Spider-man. This sets well for Marvel as they own both heroes.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 stars Garfield, Stone, and Foxx and is set to come out May 2nd.

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What did you think of the clip?

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