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First Snow for Baltimore

First Snow?
First Snow?
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Well, it’s that time of the year again when us weather geeks try and guess the date of the first measurable snowfall! Since BWI is the official recording station for the Baltimore area, the snow that fell in the mountains of Western Maryland with Superstorm Sandy does not count. Our target is to call the date when we’ll get our first measurable snow at BWI. Last year, the big storm at the end of October produced up to 6 inches in Baltimore’s northern suburbs...but only a trace was recorded at the airport. I have no real scientific method to make this forecast, except to say that I believe we’ll make it through the end of November without a measurable snowfall. That’s simply based on the short term computer model guidance. So, with that in mind, we’ll have to pick a date in December. My call for the first snow at BWI for this winter season is: December 12th! Again, I have no scientific basis for this’s just a gut feeling. Do you have any premonitions or feelings about the first snow? If so, please post them below!