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First Snow

Children playing in the snow at recess.
Children playing in the snow at recess.
Photograph by Judy Moyer

First day of December and first day of snow in southeastern Michigan.

Two thoughts in seeing the soft white flakes coming down: The first is happiness at tseeing he first snow of the year. The second is a looming sense of dread.

What’s that looming sense of dread all about? Is it the colder temperatures? the trying to keep warm? the darker days without much sunshine? slipping and sliding in traffic? shoveling the walks and drives? Yes, all that and more. So, why can’t we be like the little children; all excited and squealing to see snow?

Why do we let our worry spoil a beautiful thing? Do we even stop long enough to just enjoy the scene? Why do we let our mind stay on the worse aspects of the season putting us in a sour mood even before we get outside instead of giving thanks to our Lord for the “day He has made”? Why are we letting the imaginations of our heart ruin a beautiful thing?

When Jesus disciples asked who was the greatest in His kingdom…

Surprisingly Jesus sat a small child in the middle of them and said “Except you are converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself as this little child the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. (Matthew 18: 1-8) They were surprised because they were thinking perhaps the greatest in the kingdom would be the one with the most smarts, the go-getters, the most ambitious.

Become as little children..

He didn’t say be childlike but “become as little children”. Little children simply trust and believe that their parents are taking care of them. They don’t worry about all the bills or where the money is coming from for them. They don’t have the fear of things like we adults do, nor should we teach them to be afraid. By a sign, a little child in the midst of them, Jesus was teaching them how to be humble, simple, non self-seeking or ambition hungry but believing and trusting

Where is our trust?

Try remembering what is was like as a child and the wonderful innocence of not knowing all the bad things “out there”. Remember the trust we had in knowing our parents were taking care of us? How about we try that again, only, now, how about us putting our complete trust in our heavenly Father, a Father who had us in mind before the beginning of the world, Who created us and Who wants to take care of us? According to the verse above, not trusting in God will keep us out of the kingdom of heaven. In other words, not trusting or believing in God who can be our Father will be detrimental to us being with Him in His kingdom. Let’s stop putting up all the road blocks and excuses and simply give-over to the One and only One who knows us and can take care of us, dropping all the reasons why we can’t trust and “just do it”. What have you got to lose? All fear and worry.

Let it snow and let’s just enjoy the snow-scene, placing our full and complete trust in the One, the All-Mighty God, after all Jesus paid for all our sins and fears so that we could have a relationship with our Father. Knowing He can and will preserve us from all evil. (Psalm 100:7) Let's put all the fear of what could happen out of our minds and into a loving Father's very capable hands. For a great Insurance policy read Psalm 91. Ever hear that song by Ricky Skaggs “Just enjoy the Ride”.

Here’s a great song:

If not for Your kindness

If not for Your grace

I don’t know where I would be today.

If not for your mercy

I never could say

I’m still standing

Standing by the grace of God.


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