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First Puma Flagship in U.S. opens on State Street


The Puma Ferraris

I've got GREAT news for Puma lovers in Chicago. The first Puma Flagship store in the United States opens on State Street this fall. It will be in the building that is currently being built where Block 37 was, facing Macy's (formerly Marshall Field's).

There is a Puma store on Rush Street already, but a flagship store is a different ball game. Multiple floors and endless selections = SneakerGasms! There will be all types of Puma products there, including women's, men's and kids' shoes, apparel and accessories.

I can't wait being a big PUMA fan myself. In fact, the only gym shoes I rock nowadays (the few times I do wear them) are Chuck Taylor's and Pumas. That store opening should be grand! I just may become a sneaker head again.

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