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First Nation true ghost stories wanted

Ghostly spooky forest
Ghostly spooky forest
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One of Canada's oldest ghost investigation organizations,, is looking for your Aboriginal-related 'true' ghost story. The website already has a growing collection of First Nation stories, and has the largest online database of true ghost stories across Canada.

Take, for example, the spooky story titled "The Doll Started To Frown", which was sent into the website from the Pangnirtung Inuit community in Nunavut. The story-teller, Ciera, wrote that her sister witnessed a smiling doll start to 'frown'.

Or how about the haunting apparition at the East Prairie Metis settlement in Alberta, where the ghost of a chief is said to have haunted the property for years. The chief was seen 'waving', and once even told the mother to "get out".

There are also fascinating stories about what the Aboriginal Peoples call "the little people", which are the same beings that some call 'fairies'. There are stories on the website of such 'fairy incidents' that have reportedly occurred on The Pas First Nation community in Manitoba, and also from the Maskwacis First Nation community in Alberta.

In Ontario, a story-teller named Shania from the Sagamok First Nation community bravely wrote about the time she was horrified to come upon a "shadow figure" walking back and forth by her door.

Also are strange stories from Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Wikwemikong First Nation community on Manitoulin Island, the island of the Great Spirit.

The website and ghost investigation organization was founded in 2002, before the paranormal was made popular on TV.

To add your true ghost story, you can enter your story on the website's online form here

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