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'First Moon Party' tampon ad makes talking about periods a little 'lighter'

If the subject of your daughter's first flow is too heavy for you, don't worry there's a starter kit just to deal with that sort of thing.

'First Moon Party' ad
Hello Flo

Hello Flo's period camper care packages were introduced last year in the ad "Camp Gyno." And on Wednesday another humorous commercial addressing a touchy subject for moms and their daughters was released called "First Moon Party."

The ad shows a fictional mom teasing her tween daughter who lied about getting her first period, by throwing her a "Full Moon Party." says on average, most girls start their periods when they're 12 or 13 years old (although some begin earlier or later). But if you wait until your daughter gets her period to talk to her about menstruation, that's too late

In this ad the girl's peers have started their periods already, so the girl "fakes" her first period. In order to teach the girl that lying about this is wrong, the mother throws a "First Moon Party" for her daughter. If you're not familiar with what a "First Moon Party" is, you will just have to watch the commercial.

In all seriousness, talking about menstrual cycles can be difficult for parents and their daughters. Therefor, Hello Flo starter kits are a helpful tool to kick start that discussion and make it a little "lighter."

To view the humorous spot, click here.

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