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First Mile High Food Swap - May 22, Longmont

Food swap in Longmont
Food swap in Longmont
Mile High Swappers

The first Mile High Swappers food swap event will take place at Ollin Farms in Longmont, CO on Sunday, May 22, 2011 from 10am-12pm. Inspired by similar groups throughout the country, food swaps are a great way to share amazing homemade food and drinks while having an excellent time with like-minded people in the local community. Spaces are limited and participants may reserve their free tickets at
A part of the current DIY zeitgeist, food swaps are fun and easy - participants bring a few homemade or homegrown items to swap and then bring home the same number of other people's homemade goodies.
The food swap lasts about two hours. In the first hour, participants have a chance to check out the products that other attendees have brought to swap, and let one another know they are interested in trading by signing up on their bid sheets. At the start of the second hour, the trading begins!The only rules are that items be home made or home grown and that no cash exchanges hands.
“Food swaps are sweeping the nation! They are a great way to show off your cooking skills, sample what other talented home cooks are up to, and build community around something as integral the love of good food.” said Mile High Swappers founder, Eve Orenstein.For more information please visit