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First mass transit Super Bowl leaves passengers overheated and steamed

Super Bowl fans sweat it out trying to get to game.
John Rimmer via Twitter

The NY/NJ Host Committee has touted the Super Bowl as the greenest ever, pointing out a oil recycling program that turns cooking oil into heating for the event's outdoor tents as well as the unprecedented accessibility of Superbowl stadium to public transit.

Dubbed the first 'mass transit Super Bowl', the New York and New Jersey hosts even handed out maps on Superbowl Boulevard this week stressing how easy it was to leave your car to take the train to the game.

On game day, however, taking NJ Transit turned out to be an epic fail. Passengers crammed into Secaucus Junction this afternoon complained of huge wait times and sweltering heat in the terminal.

“Lines up to an hour and a half Secaucus train station to get to Super Bowl,” Darren Rovell, an ESPN sports reporter, tweeted at 2.35 pm, hours before game time.

A few minutes later Patrick Abts complained, “This mass hasn't moved for over 30 minutes and they have the heat on.”

Another fan reported people were being treated for heat exhaustion due to the crowds and stifling heat.

“This is horrible. Fans getting treated in the terminal for heat exhaustion.” M. Olson tweeted out.

Still another fan tweeted from the overheated crowd, “Thousand of people are about to pass out. Yelling for help. Temp has raised over 100 in last 10 minutes.”

Rovell concluded that given that fact people were waiting for hours, passing out from the heat and drenched in sweat, the greenest option to the Super Bowl may not have been the best option for fans.

“Best value, given the mass transit debacle to the Super Bowl, might have been a $250 parking pass,” he wrote on his way to the game.

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