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First Louisiana Craft Brewer Week highlighted by New Orleans On Tap festival

New Orleans On Tap caps off an excellent week of beer in NOLA
New Orleans On Tap caps off an excellent week of beer in NOLA

Hi there, boys and girls. It's been a while! I'd love to tell you that I've been soooo busy and can't keep up with all the things, or I could maybe try and say there hasn't been much to talk about on the beer side of life. However, both statements would be false... in fact, I just haven't been getting it done here. That said, there are still many good reasons to be writing about beer in this town, and none more enticing than the very first Louisiana Craft Brewer Week.

So yeah, if anything could get me off my keister to start crowing again, it's this brand new celebration of craft beer in our fine state. This exciting week-long series of events, focused on the burgeoning brewing scene in Louisiana, is hell-bent on opening the public's eyes to the glory that is quality, local beer. It's already started, but you can get in on the action at locations all over the city... which just a few years ago would have been nearly impossible. But now you have participation from a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are buying into the whole craze. Just a few examples:

  • Tuesday, September 24th
    The Bulldog (Uptown) - 6pm
    Bayou Teche Brewing event with samples of old favorites, as well as their newest offerings: Cocodrie and Miel Sauvage.
  • Wednesday, September 25th
    The Bulldog (Mid City) - 6pm
    Keg of NOLA Brewing/New Belgium collaboration, Swamp Grape Escape, along with other NOLA pint specials.
  • Thursday, September 26th
    The Avenue Pub - 4pm
    Stone Brewing from San Diego (California, not Louisiana) takes over the taps at the best beer bar in the state. Founder Greg Koch will be there to lead the charge on some fantastic rare Stone brews.
  • Friday, September 27th
    The Irish House - 7pm
    Tin Roof Brewing specials, live music, and a dry hopped keg of Voodoo Bengal will be featured.
  • Saturday, September 28th
    New Orleans On Tap (City Park) - 1pm to 7pm
    Great big beer festival time! This is the keynote address of the entire week. Over 200 beers with all the locals represented. And don't be afraid to try the Homebrewer's stuff... we've got some talented folks making excellent beer in this town. Great way to put an exclamation point on the whole event.

So there you have it, a week just chock full of beer-quaffing activities, right here in New Orleans. And if you want more options, even traditionally non-crafty joints such as The R Bar and The River Shack are hosting events! Check out the Drink All The Beers site for a great run-down of events by day, or by brewery.

And if you keep your eyes open, you just might spot me at one of these with a beer in hand. It's been known to happen...

Drink well, my friends!

Mark Burlet
Drunken Intellectual
Twitter: @DrunkIntellect

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