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First look wedding pictures

First Look wedding photos
First Look wedding photos
Joshua Dwain Photography

A first look photo shoot is done just before the wedding ceremony starts. It is intended to be a private time for the bride and groom and is the first time the groom gets to see his beautiful bride in her full wedding outfit on the wedding day. This is a modern fad, created more out of necessity than anything else; it allows the photographer to get relaxed shots of the couple alone at the start of the day when they both look their best. Traditionally all these photos were taken after the ceremony in the presence of both families as well as friends. Couples, who opt for a first look, still have another quick photo session after the ceremony but it would be much shorter since the most important shots of the couple on their own have already been done prior to the ceremony. This is an excellent way to cut down on how much time the guests spend waiting for the reception to kick off. For modern minded brides who are considering a first look photo shoot, read more about the pros and cons at Down The Aisle