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First Look at Marvel and Disney's 'Big Hero 6'

Big Hero 6 opens November 7th
Big Hero 6 opens November 7thDisney

Captain America and the Guardians of the Galaxy aren't the only Marvel heroes on the big screen this year. In the fall Disney Animation will release Big Hero 6, an obscure team that was very loosely affiliated with the X-men in their earliest appearance (the former X-man Sunfire was on the team back then), but have no such ties in this movie. The trailer arrives this Thursday but for now we have the first official images featuring the team's teen leader, Hiro Hamada.

Disney's Big Hero 6 opens November 7th
Disney's Big Hero 6 opens November 7thDisney

Maya Rudolph, TJ Miller, and Jamie Chung lend their voices to the film, although surprisingly nobody has been found to voice Hiro yet. Hiro is a teen robotics prodigy in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo, who along with his robot pal, Baymax, join a reluctant team of crime fighters consisting of Honey Lemon, Go-Go Tomago, Wasabi-No-Ginger, and Fred aka Fredzilla. The animation is similar to what Disney has done with their Planes movies, and should be appealing for kids and fans of the Marvel comic, which used more of an anime-style approach.

Big Hero 6 opens November 7th.