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First line defense for Swine Flu virus


Garlic Bulbs

The H1N1 Swine flu virus is a combination of viruses made from swine, bird and human influenza strains. What makes this strain dangerous is that it interferes with and can destroy DNA causing abnormal cell growth. It is the same strain that caused the 1918 epidemic which killed 20% of the world’s population.

For first line defense Garlic and Silver are the two most powerful.


The healing powers of garlic have been well known for centuries. Egyptian slaves used garlic to prevent illness. In Medieval Europe, a mixture of garlic and other herbs were used to ward off the plague.

Modern scientific studies have proven garlic to be effective against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The first scientist to use garlic in scientific experiments was Louis Pasteur. By putting a bit of garlic in a petri dish full of bacteria, he found that the bacteria died quickly. More recently, Dr. Byron Murray discovered the allicin properties of garlic kill 90% of a virus in only 30 minutes.

When garlic is chewed, chopped, or smashed, a substance called alliin mixes with the enzyme allinase to create allicin. By taking just one clove of garlic a day it can help rid your body of bacteria and fungus.

Garlic enemas can be effective to help reduce a fever. Simmer one chopped garlic for 10 minutes then blend with 1 pint of warm water OR use 6-8 capsules of garlic powder and steep into a tea. Strain thoroughly before using it as an enema.


Colloidal silver as a natural antiseptic and antibiotic can help prevent secondary bacterial infections. Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield (with Aqua Sol Technology) has become a popular alternative to other silver products on the market.

Research indicates that it is effective in boosting the immune system. It works on contact at the cellular level. It has anti-microbial properties and has been scientifically tested. It carries a U.S. Patent No. 7,135,195 with strict quality control to verify atomic adsorption. It has been found effective in destroying numerous viruses.

It provides more powerful support to the immune system; is completely non-toxic with no heavy metal contamination; uses only the finest particle-size colloids with 99% bio-availability and acts as an EPA-approved surface disinfectant.

It has been studied extensively in vitro and human trials and has proven to be two to three times more effective than other commercial colloidal silver products. It may be the only nutritional supplement to receive anti-viral patent approval.

Take 2 teaspoons twice daily, it can also be applied to the hands and nostrils twice daily. For sinus infections, use in a nebulizer and inhale for 30 minutes a day.

Other Supplements

Other helpful supplements include Vitamins B3 & B6, Folic acid, manganese, probiotics. Eat a healthy diet. Additional herbs that may be useful are Elderberry which enhances the body’s ability to fight acute viral infections; Ginger which settles the stomach and eases nausea and vomiting and Yarrow which is helpful for reducing fevers. 

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  • Lorene 5 years ago

    To clarify, collodial silver is not the same thing as silver nitrate. Silver nitrate is dangerous and should never be used. The product recommended in this article has FDA approval and has a U.S. patent.