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First Lady of New York City to speak at Advance Woman of Achievement Luncheon

Chirlane McCray
Chirlane McCray

Chirlane McCray, Mayor de Blasio's wife and the First Lady of New York City will be keynote speaker at the 52nd Staten Island Advance Women of Achievement Luncheon April 3. Honorees for this year's luncheon include Janet Robinson, Jean Ringhoff, Doreen Cugno, Luanne Sorrentino, and Dr. Carol Clark. Fore more about this year's luncheon on SI Live today visit

Mayor Bill de Blasio, (McCray's) her husband, calls her “my closest friend in the world, my closest confidante, my No. 1 adviser,” according to The Staten Island Advance today. "In fact, the mayor recently appointed her unpaid chairwoman of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, a non-profit arm of the mayor’s office that raises private funds to support New York causes," added The Advance. Chirlane McCray is a writer, a poet and an editor, and "serves as New York’s newest leading woman in politics."

About Chirlane McCray

A feminist who identified as a lesbian for many years, Chirlane McCray used poetry and writing as an outlet to express herself, according to a recent Advance article. She attended Wellesley College and began looking for work in writing and publishing in the late 1970s. "At the time, she identified as a lesbian and a feminist and found it difficult to find work in Boston," added The Advance. "She moved to New York City in search of better job prospects ultimately broke into government when she worked as a publications director for a human rights agency."

In 1991 Ms. McCray met Bill de Blasio and the two married in 1993, "much to the chagrin of some of her feminist friends and even to the dismay of de Blasio’s mother," McCray said to The Advance.

“His mother was definitely not happy. Even though she considered herself a liberal, it was emotionally difficult for her … but she was always gracious,” McCray said to the newspaper.

The couple has two children, Dante and Chiara. They live in Brooklyn, N.Y.

To learn more about Chirlane McCray and to purchase tickets for this year's 52nd annual Staten Island Woman of Achievement luncheon visit and learn how Chirlane McCray is a woman of achievement.