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First Lady Michelle Obama kicks off "Let's Move" campaign

National Campaign to combat childhood obesity
National Campaign to combat childhood obesity
L Gross

First Lady Michelle Obama officially kicked off a national campaign to combat childhood obesity on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Washington D.C.  The initiative, designated as "Let's Move" concentrates on improved school lunches, increased physical activity, and more available nutritional education.

Michelle spoke about the four key components of the nation-wide program (

1. " Improve the information and the tools that parents need to make the changes that are desired in their families." 

2.  "Improve the quality of foods in the schools."

3.  "Improve access and affordability of healthy foods," and

4.  "Increase physical education for our kids."

The dangers and statistics related to childhood obesity speak to the importance of Michelle's concerns.  She has noted that a whopping one in three children in the U.S. is overweight or obese.  In her interview on Larry King Live,  the First Lady noted that "we're already seeing high cholesterol in young kids, high blood pressure, asthma that is preventable, and type 2 diabetes which is the most troubling."

The core of the program is "about the quality of life of our kids ... it's about fitness and its about overall nutrition ... We need to change how we eat," states Michelle Obama.

For more information on the "Let's Move" campaign, visit  For more information on the risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes, visit


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