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First lady Michelle Obama embarks on a new initiative 'Let's Cook'

First Lady Michelle Obama's new health initiative
First Lady Michelle Obama's new health initiative
Alex Wong, Getty Images

The Associated Press reported on March 14, 2014 that first lady Michelle Obama is continuing tackling obesity with a new initiative called " Lets Cook."

This new project will go hand and hand with the nationwide program "Let's Move" she started back in 2009 to conqueror childhood obesity.

The first lady addressed a Health Summit on Friday, in Washington, D.C. where she vowed to continue her work on fighting childhood obesity long after She leaves the White House.

Michelle Obama said to the public "We cannot walk away from this issue until obesity rates drops for children of every age and every background."

Mrs. Obama also said, "We cannot walk away until every child in this country has a shot of a healthy life."

Mrs. Obama said, "Home cooked meals have less fat, sodium, cholesterol, calories and cost less to prepare than eating out at a restaurant."

Michelle Obama believes it's healthier to cook at home as opposed to dining out.

When you cook your meals at home, you are able to control what ingredient and how much of it goes into your family's meal.

Mrs. Obama addressed the issue that always comes up when it comes to cooking of time and knowledge of cooking to her summit audience.

The first lady told the audience that many meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, and she reiterated that it would cost less than take-out. Teaching families to adapt to cooking at home because it is healthier and cost efficient is the focus of the initiative.

Michelle Obama said research shows eating meals cooked at home Is the best way to improve one's health.

During the next couple of months, Michelle Obama will work with supermarkets, and schools to equip parents and children to learn to cook.

Mrs. Obama would like supermarkets to provide recipes to customers and do cooking demonstrations.

Some supermarkets and health supermarkets already provide service, but the first lady Obama wants to see supermarkets nationally implementing her healthy "Lets Cook" initiative.

The first lady's mind is set to help schools develop the "home economics class of the future."

Mrs. Obama believes that this program can give students basic cooking skills and the concept of eating healthier.

Michelle Obama would also like to implement a program with chefs to offer cooking classes at their restaurant for an affordable price.

The first lady has made a stride with her first program initiative of "Let's Move" which has declined obesity in children ages two to five.

Mrs. Obama feels now is not the time to celebrate over this achievement, but time to drive the next plan of action to continue to fight childhood obesity. More details on the initiative in the months coming.

Dannon yogurt has been one of the 70 companies who have joined Mrs. Obama on her health initiative and they announced on Friday, to reduce the amount of sugar and fat on their yogurt brand.

Cooking at home may be the new wave of the future in producing a healthy lifestyle.

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