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Michelle Obama shares thoughts on Botox, plastic surgery, diet and yoga workouts

First Lady Michelle Obama follows a healthy diet and works out almost every day.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama has adjusted her workout routine recently to incorporate more yoga and less intense cardio and weight-training.

"I'm seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff — even though that continues to be important — and the heavy cardio and running, to things like yoga that will keep me flexible, so I'm not falling and breaking a hip one day," Mrs. Obama told People.

The First Lady, 50, is a longtime fitness fanatic who works out at dawn every morning with her husband, President Barack Obama. She said she doesn't believe in restrictive diets, but makes sure she eats enough vegetables and fruits.

"I don't obsess about what I eat, but I do make sure that I'm eating vegetables and fruit," said Michelle. "And as everyone knows, I do exercise."

The First Lady's "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign was recently credited for helping reduce childhood obesity in 19 U.S. states.

Michelle, a mother of two daughters, encouraged all women to be vigilant about their health, saying she never misses a check-up, and gets regular mammograms and Pap smears. The First Lady also recently got a colonoscopy.

For relaxation, Mrs. Obama enjoys gardening, and planted a vegetable garden on the White House’s South Lawn in 2009. She discussed her thriving garden in her book American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden.

Obama said she hasn't gotten plastic surgery or Botox yet, but said every woman should feel free to do whatever makes them feel and look better.

"Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves," she said. "Right now, I don't imagine that I would go that route, but I've also learned to never say never."

Mrs. Obama said she's excited to be 50, and feels optimistic as she looks ahead. She said her top priority remains being a good mom and role model.

"I've got to keep figuring out ways to have an impact, whether as a mother or as a professional or as a mentor to other kids," Michelle said.

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