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First "Kite" trailer hits: Will fans of the original be satisfied?

Callan McAuliffe and Samuel L. Jackson star in 2014's anime remake "Kite"
Callan McAuliffe and Samuel L. Jackson star in 2014's anime remake "Kite"

The first trailer for "Kite", starring Samuel L. Jackson, India Eisley and Callan McAuliffe, has hit the internet. Ralph Ziman ("Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema") directs this adaptation of Yasuomi Ometsu's OVA (straight-to-video) anime "The Kite", which has, since its 1998 release, become a cult favorite.

It seems curious that "Kite", which was controversial for its strong depictions of sex and violence, was considered for an American remake. In the original, Sawa is an orphan (parents murdered) who comes under the care of two detectives after she murders a man. Under their "care", she becomes a sex-slave and is sent on assassination missions. Save for the fact Sawa's parents are murder-victims, none of this is alluded to in the trailer.

This toned-down adaptation will follow Sawa's road to revenge after her mother and cop-father are brutally murdered by someone known as "the Amir". Samuel L. Jackson plays Karl Aker, Sawa's father's ex-partner, and will serve as her partner/mentor.

Noticing the differences between the movie and source material, one can't help but think back to 2009's "Dragonball: Evolution", which took a very popular, established franchise and changed almost everything (and enraged almost everyone). "Kite"'s changes don't seem to be as drastic, but will "Kite" find its way into the hearts of original fans? Or will they cast it off as a bad attempt at name recognition?

Find out when "Kite" is released later this year.