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First Impressions on New Game Trailers

Like most of the things in my life, I make snap decisions. I could go on about how first impressions are vital in this fast paced, internet driven world of ours, but that would take too long.
I like trailers. Sometimes they’re the best part of going to the movie. So I’m starting a new series, where I make possible gaming decisions based on the trailers the studios release to get our attention. Onto to the pre-judging!

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes
I’d gladly watch someone else play this game. Not to say that it doesn’t look amazing; the graphics, game-play and story are all on par for an epic adventure game. But I personally don’t think I could last long between the larger than life fighting, which, even watching a video, I couldn’t follow how the characters were defeating any of the baddie. It was a bit on the sensory overload side. And the dialog popping up practically in the middle of the screen didn’t help matters.

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
I personally love that they’re still making Lord of the Ring games. And even more so that Sean Astin and John Rhys-Davies are providing voices in this latest game. It’s a lot brighter and upbeat than some Rings games, but it worked for the setup of this version of the classic events through the eyes of Sam as he explains to his children about that one time him and some other guys fought some orcs. Though if I were to buy and play it, I’d definitely have to go with the Wii version; I can’t resist a pretend sword fight.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
I don’t know much about this series of games; superheroes have never really been my forte. But I will admit curiosity to know more about them after seeing the trailer. Street Fighter with comic heroes; I could get behind that. Especially if it means classic heroes like Captain America and Iron Man calling for me to ‘finish them’, then I’m all on board.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Just like karaoke, I usually play Guitar Hero after a few too many drinks. So as much as an eight player game along with a “roadie” connected via their DS to make things even more exciting seems like an awesome expansion to this franchise, I know I’d feel like things were getting to intense; and not in a good way. Plus, no band needs that many guitarist; just saying. I miss the days of finishing Slow Ride and feeling like I was a musician god. Or maybe that’s just all the booze talking.

Final Fantasy XIV Online
I’m not as attracted to the characters as I was in XIII, but I still loved the look of the latest in the online MMO franchise. And since they can all stand on their own, anyone new to the Final Fantasy series could easily jump in on this latest one without feeling like they missed anything. The lead character even shoots arrows that are on fire. What more could you want? And if the opening cinematic trailer is anything to go by, the game-play and graphics are still just as creepily realistic yet intriguing as always.


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