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First impressions are lasting - Make your entryway shine!



The entryway is often the forgotten room.  Home to shoes, magazines, mail, and unadorned walls, this space tends to lack the style that is so carefully crafted throughout the rest of the home.  The entryway is where your guests create their first impressions-and as we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions. With the holidays approaching, and house guests following suit, take control of your entry and make it a true reflection of your home and personality. 


The Narrow Entry

If your entryway is a long corridor, try warming up the space with a side table and accessories.  If you have wall real estate, unique artwork can certainly liven up the area and add interest.  Also, if you have windows in your entry, consider adding some color or pattern with a fabric window treatment. Whether your home is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, there is a wide array of fabrics and treatments that can add style without completely covering your outdoor view.


The Open Concept Entry

The open entry concept can be wonderful when entertaining, although, there may be times when you want to create some visual separation.  Chairs upholstered in an eye-catching fabric can draw attention to the architectural elements in your home while creating mini entryways throughout your space.  Check out how the chairs and side tables in the picture below create a sense of separation while still blending in with the rest of the interior space.  They instantly create a more grand entrance to the adjoining room.  Imagine the possibilities when you let your imagination run wild!


The Quaint And Cozy Entry

The quaint and cozy entry often provides a nice balance of needed separation without overwhelming you with too much space to decorate.   For these areas, try something colorful and fun.  This might be the time to try out a settee that you absolutely love, but doesn’t seem to work in any other room.  Again, feel free to let your personality shine.


Now is the time to ready your home for your fall guests.  What better time to lavish attention on your often neglected entry space? You would be amazed by what some simple changes can do to make your first impression a truly lasting impression.  Have fun...and keep your guests wanting to see more!


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