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First Impression of Korea


The minute I heard that my summer internship for 2010 will be in Korea, I said “Yes” fast. On Mother's Day, my mom was kind enough to drag all of us to a restaurant in Los Angeles' KoreaTown. Unfamiliar with Korean dishes, I had my stepdad taste the food first before I did. I liked Kimchi quickly and liked how a Korean meal typically serves a lot of vegetable side dishes.

I can't understand Korean! This is at one of the museums.
Megan Clancy

A few minutes after I set foot in Korea at the airport, I was set for bad luck since the airline misplaced my bags somewhere in San Francisco. I just cried. My mom and I spent so much time packing and unpacking since the weight limit per suitcase was 50 lbs. They were brand new suitcases too. Then my driver picked me up and she had no clue of how to arrive at Camp Humphreys. We circled around for a few hours which was during my wee hours considering the big time zone difference between California and Seoul. A nice Korean cab driver guided us to Camp Humpreys at last.

A few days later, I attended Korean Head Start at the local university (Pyeongtaek University) where we had to learn some basic Korean language and eat their food. I still have the book from that program which I found to be helpful since most older Koreans who I met do not speak any English. I simply point where I want to go in the book since I cannot speak any Korean. I really enjoyed Korea Folk Village and the Lotte Mart. I met a little boy, about 4, who bowed to me and said something in Korean. I loved seeing little Korean girls wearing haboks.

On my two days off from work, I had the opportunity to visit Everland Resort and Seoul Arts Center. I hope to return to those two locations soon, and continue exploring Korean Culture during my four-month stay here.


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