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First-grader is forbidden from mentioning the Bible

Teacher tells first-grader to stop talking about Bible
Teacher tells first-grader to stop talking about Bible

Brynn Williams, a 6-year-old California girl, was doing an assigned presentation in front of her first grade class when she was forced to stop and sit down. What offense did the little girl commit? According to Todd Starnes in a Jan. 14 report on Fox News, little Brynn Williams included the Bible in her presentation of one of her family's Christmas traditions: the Star of Bethlehem placed on the top of the Christmas tree.

The Helen Hunt-Jackson Elementary School in Temecula, Calif., has taken a stand firmly behind the teacher who refused to allow the child to complete her assigned presentation.

Robert Tyler, the general counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom, is representing the Williams family. According to Tyler, Brynn Williams was the only child who was not allowed to complete her presentation of her family’s Christmas tradition. The teacher told her in front of the entire class that she was not allowed to talk about the Bible.

It is slightly ironic that a teacher made an assignment about a Christian holiday, yet a child was humiliated and discriminated against for sharing her family's Christian Christmas traditions.

Do you think Brynn Williams was a victim of Christian discrimination? Were her rights to freedom of religion and free speech infringed upon in this case? What do you think? Leave a comment.

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