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First-grade student has desk taken away, forced to sit on floor for weeks

This student had her desk taken away from her for as many as four weeks.
This student had her desk taken away from her for as many as four weeks.

A first-grade student at a school in Houston received a punishment for drawing on her desk, but it was much worse than just a reprimand or detention. KHOU reported on July 30, 2014, that the student at Westwood Elementary School actually had her desk taken away and was forced to sit on the floor for up to as many as four weeks.

The family of the little girl did not wish to be identified, but the anger and outrage is prominent.

The mother of the first grader did say that her daughter got in trouble for drawing on her desk at school. The mother said that she received an email from the girl's teacher, and it advised her of the punishment, but apparently not all of it.

"She lost her recess, she went to the principal's office and then she had to wash the desk and that was it," she said. "I was never told that her desk was removed."

My Fox 8 reported that the little girl showed up at school the day after her punishment was handed down and noticed that her desk was gone. Confused, the girl asked her teacher where her desk was and she was advised that she wouldn't get it back until the second grade.

It was then that the girl was told to sit on the floor, and that is where she sat for four weeks before telling her parents.

"I asked her why did you not tell me and she said I was too scared to tell you mama," the mom told us. "She thought what she had done was so bad she didn't deserve to have a desk."

School officials and investigators looked into the incident and have said that the teacher received a reprimand for her management in the classroom. A statement was released by Spring Branch ISD:

"The family has been offered multiple opportunities to transfer their child, either to another teacher within the school or to any elementary school in the district where enrollment is not capped."

The first-grader was taken out of the school and moved to another for the new year. Unfortunately, the girl's younger brother could not leave for the new school because his grade was already capped.

The girl's mother has hired an attorney to look further into this situation and she's also filed a grievance with Spring Branch ISD against the teacher. She maintains that her daughter was traumatized by the punishment of having to sit on the floor.

She does not want it to happen to other children.

"I mean it's like a primal instinct that you feel to protect your child," said the girl's mom. "The fact that I sent her there every day not knowing that that's what she was going into because nobody made me aware, it's horrible."

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