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First Gay Prom

As mothers of teenage children well know, we are in the height of prom season. There is much planning and spending to make this evening is a success for all Montreal teenagers who are involved. Are we sure that all Montreal teenagers are happy and involved with the excitement and promise of this very important event?

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The West Island of Montreal asked that question and decided to make it an evening that even gay teens can cherish as well. According to CTV news published yesterday, suburban West Island will have its first gay teen prom.

For years gay teens have been disappointed and have felt left out because they could not bring their same sex date to the prom without being ostracized or ridiculed.

Cindy Casey, chair of the LGBTQ Youth Centre in the West Island, said that the idea for the event largely originated with volunteer workers at the youth centre. “A couple of them actually had some pretty sad stories,” she told CTV News Channel. “Interestingly enough, these people are only in their 20s.”

LGBTQ Youth Centre is also inviting older senior groups and other groups who may not have had the joy of coming to the prom with their date of choice in former years.

The LGBTQ Youth Centre hopes to provide a safe and fun environment for gay teens and adults to enjoy their prom as mainstream individuals do.

The sense of inclusion into the mainstream is very important for these kids and their community at large.

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