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First FIAT studio opens in Michigan

FIAT opens new studio in Macomb, Michigan
FIAT opens new studio in Macomb, Michigan
Chrysler Group LLC

It could be because I work very closely to the Chrysler headquarters or that I frequently stop by there for weekly meetings with the Design Office but it seems to me that I am seeing a lot of FIAT 500s all around South Eastern Michigan lately. Either way FIAT is making great strides to make a lasting impression on the US market and with gas prices around $4.00 a gallon they have never picked a better time to make their move.

In recent news Chrysler has opened up the very first Michigan based FIAT studio in Macomb Michigan. Chrysler refers to it as a "studio" rather than a dealership due to its gallery like appeal. The new studio is owned by the Galeana Automotive Group and is the first in Michigan to be featured as a stand-alone FIAT dealership.

"The 29,000 square foot studio will sell the Fiat 500 which comes in 4 different models currently, ranging in price from $15,500 to $25,500. The Italian original has been customized to meet North American customer's needs and as quoted by Head of FIAT Brand North America Laura Soave, “It gets back to the Italian design and style, with technology at an affordable price.”

This new Michigan based studio will join the other 58 that are currently operating in the U.S. Chrysler hopes to have 130 FIAT studios all across the US by the end of this year.

Source: Chrysler Media

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