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First ever sex ed video for the plus size lover debuts

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From Wicked Pictures comes a first-ever sex educational video hosted by adult entertainment artists, jessica drake and Kelly Shibari - jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size. (NSFW)

Truly an instructional video and not a porn movie, this video features real couples who’ve volunteered to share what they like, how they like it, and how they learned to communicate their needs. It also addresses the ergonomics of working with what you’ve got when what you’ve got is a lot.

Hint: Confidence is the key. When a person becomes comfortable with their own body, and loses the fear to explore what they like, sexual experiences improve. It’s true what they say; you have to love yourself first before anyone else can. Same goes for sex. When you view yourself as sexy and sexual, so will others. So forget what people might say. As Kelly Shibari said in another interview (Plus-Size Adult Film Star Talks Size Acceptance and Bullying), bullies are only trying to make themselves feel better by putting others down. It never works so don’t listen. Instead, begin with the parts of yourself that you love most. Tell yourself what you like, then tell your partner what you like/love about him or her. Remember that others always view you differently than you view yourself. When someone loves you, they love all of you, and in their eyes, you are sexy!

An exercise that Shibari recommends is using props like flash cards to write down what you like (sexy trigger words) and then pick a card and talk about it with your partner.

Couples in the video discuss how they’ve built stronger relationships that led to better sex lives by having non-confrontational conversations. Which words did they like that made them feel sexy and which words hurt? This and more are part of the instruction.

As an advocate for great sex, jessica drake shares "Shooting my Guide to Wicked Sex Plus Size was a really unique experience for me. With the help of co-creator Kelly Shibari and all of our wonderful talent, I feel confident that we've created a very valuable and much needed resource for people of size. Between the very candid interviews, the body confidence and communication exercises, the positions demos, and of course the sex scenes, viewers will not only be informed, but inspired as well. I'm so proud of everyone involved in this project."

Learn positions that work best for a person of size, devices that can be used to alleviate pressure on joints, and even types of lubes that work best with toys for particular body parts. The video even acknowledges fetish play for those so inclined to include role play.

Visit jessica drake’s to purchase your copy and inject a whole lot of sexy into your plus-sized love life.

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Special thanks to Kelly Shibari, jessica drake, and Christopher Ruth of FineAssMarketing.