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First ever Scottish Paranormal Festival to be held in Stirling

It was reported yesterday, Sept. 2, on BBC News that Striling was going to hold Scotland's first ever paranormal festival. The festival is going to be a four day event, that starts Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. The events will be held at venues around the city, the events are going to deal with UFOs, witches, ghosts, and there will be a Scottish Paranormal Film Festival!

There will also be workshops that have people going ghost hunting with ghost hunters, and there will even be a workshop where people can go UFO hunting. For those that like to dance and like vampires, on Halloween night there will be an event called the Caledonian Vampyre Ball. That dance event will be held at the Alberts Hall.

The festival founder and director is Peter Broughan. Some of the specials guests that will be there are, Gordon Smith, who is a well known medium, the singer Christina Stewart, a couple of US national park rangers will be there to talk about strange activity that they saw while working, and plenty of other special guests are scheduled.

There also is going to be a play written by David Kinnaird, the play will be at Striling Smith Museum and Art Gallery. Kinnaird play is called, "A Conjuration of Spirits," and it's about the last British woman to be convicted of witchcraft, Helen Duncan.

So travel to Stirling during Oct. 30 to Sept. 2, to be part of Scotland's first paranormal festival. It will be an interesting place to be during those four days.

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