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First 'Defiance' patch out today, entitled 'Sharks in Winter Solstice'

Screenshots from Defiance
Screenshots from Defiance
Trion Worlds

Yesterday night, the pilot episode of "Defiance" aired on the SyFy channel. The companion MMO celebrated with new pursuits that added new titles, outfits, and more to the game. Today, the MMO received its first major patch.

Nolan in the Defiance game
Trion Worlds

Like most first patches in MMO history, the update includes numerous fixes to bugs, changes to balancing, and improvements to client stability. The patch was deployed on PC and Xbox 360 servers early this morning with PS3 to follow soon. There is no date scheduled right now, however.

The patch had a few issues which resulted in additional downtime, but the servers are now up. Pursuit related problems caused by the patch should be rectified while some minor pursuits were still reset.

Gamers can check out the full patch notes here.

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