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First Day of Twenty-Ten

New Decade
New Decade
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New Year’s Day 2010! How much football will be on TV today and this first week of a new year? Will you be watching NFL, NBA, NHL and others? I’ve been inside too much this winter and watching way too much football. I’ve heard way too many commercials, and counting days ‘til Spring already.

Bowl Games and more NCAA basketball have more commercials in store for us.

What time does the next football game start? Where are the Ravens this week? How many days ‘til Spring?

Let’s stay as warm as possible this winter of 2010 and help families in need or people out of work. Let’s keep hope alive for 2010. Let’s respect lives and memories of father and mother. Without them we would have no life. Let's watch a game or two!

Last night, at midnight of New Year’s Eve, my husband wished us all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. I pass that blessing along to all. Each season is really so short!


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