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First dates, one night stands and the bizzare landscape of today's dating world

Is this for tonight...or tomorrow?
Is this for tonight...or tomorrow?

Whether it’s your first time on a dating website, or you’re a seasoned dating pro, you may be surprised to learn the reality of today’s dating world and the changes therein.

With so many dissolving relationships surfacing, people are prone to use alternate methods to prevent a similar outcome from a previous bad breakup. So many ads flood our televisions and radios, promising a real and true dating experience, utilizing matching matrix and providing you with a means to find someone with identical qualities. It all sounds great on the surface; however, it’s who’s behind the profile which may change the picture.

It’s easy to put together a great sounding write up for someone to read, and peak their interest. Creating an image you know somebody will find interesting is part of the game that sites provide, enabling you to contact them to discuss what you may have in common. You have to also assume the pictures posted are accurate, and not from ten years ago.

If you are lucky enough to make contact with someone, arranging a first date, be sure to be on your guard. It would be in your best interest to talk about topics that were mentioned in the profile you read, making sure the person can back up what was written. The tricky part is also arriving for the first date, hoping they resemble who you saw in their profile.

Once you are past the initial greeting, and start to feel comfortable, it’s time to see if this person is on the level or not. You should be able to discern quickly if what they claimed is true or not. It has been discovered in certain instances, the person you are meeting is only interested in one thing, and it’s not a long term relationship. A friend with benefits, one night stand, or someone to occasionally get together with NSA, or no strings attached.

For anyone who is looking for their soul mate, it can prove to be an exhausting and discouraging experience. Someone with real intentions, wanting to find love, can find a lot of empty profiles, offering false descriptions and promises. So if you choose to search these websites, creating a real profile about yourself, be prepared to sift through several pages of compelling and fantastic sounding profiles.

The challenge will be finding the one person who is honest, real and is who they claim to be. If you are fortunate to get a first date and all goes well, you may have found the diamond in the rough, just be sure to keep your eyes and ears open.

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