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First Date Question: Is it okay to pull out a Groupon deal?

So you are having a first date with a special someone on Valentine's Day. You're ecstatic. But here's the big first date question:

Is it okay to use a Groupon Deal on a first date?
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If you were to go on a first date with someone, would you be offended if the date pulled out a Groupon deal? Would you believe the person is cheap if the first date was sponsored by a Groupon deal?

I mean, the date did buy the Groupon deal.

Well, on a quick poll women said they would not be offended if a date pulled out a Groupon deal on a first date, not even if that first date was on Valentine's Day.

Why do women think using a Groupon deal on the first date is not a big offense?

Here's my two cents:

A man that's money smart and trying to rise to the top is A-Okay in my book. Groupon has great deals and I highly recommend anyone sticking to a budget, but ready to have fun, stock up on some Groupon deals for Valentine's Day.

A man that's a planner and a saver is always a good look to the ladies. In fact, he will increase his odds of having a second date with a woman on her A-game.

As long as you're not taking a woman to McDonalds on Valentine's Day, you should be good. If you're really tight on a budget, Chipotle or Chick-fil-A will still do wonders.

All you need to do is carry yourself with respect and make a woman laugh and smile to make her Valentine's Day a great one. A woman is more concerned with how much time you invest in enjoying her company than anything else. Oh, and you having a good character.

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