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First Date Ettiquette: Who Should Pay?

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So you are one of the fortunate people who has been chatting with someone great online while internet dating via sites like MillionaireMatch. You have been talking and enjoying conversations for a few weeks and you both finally feel like it’s time to meet to take the relationship to the next level. When planning your first date, how do you decide whether to meet for coffee or a drink or whether to meet for dinner?

Even more so, how do you decide who pays for the first date? In the past few years, the issue of money in relationships and marriages has become quite an issue. People divorce over it, argue over it and someone people even end friendships because of it and since dating is supposed to be fun, how does one bring up a subject that seems to cause so many emotional reactions?

The answer might lie in how comfortable you feel with the person and if talking about money is easy for you. Traditionally in a heterosexual relationship, most men would be open to paying for dinner or drinks for the few first dates. This makes it easier and allows the two people to get to know one another without discussing currency. If things continue to go well and you both decide to become a couple, then things naturally progress and a fair exchange usually results. Women are just as willing to pay for things as the men they date. However, before getting to that point, these might be a few things to consider when planning a first date and deciding who should pay.

Discuss a day and time you want to meet.
This is important because you might want have a certain time you want to meet in mind and he might be thinking about something totally different. For instance, a woman may feel more safe meeting during the day for lunch while he might enjoy the night life.

Discuss where you want to go.
Once you have decided what time of day you would like to meet, determine what it is you both would like to do? Are you interested in dinner, lunch, going to a museum, a concert, a sporting event, or perhaps a movie?

Discuss dress attire.
While many first dates are pretty casual, where you go can determine what you wear. This might be something good to talk about so you can both be prepared and have the most comfortable first date possible.

Now that you have decided where to go and when to meet, you can just be prepared to allow nature to take its course and simply have fun. Note: It is not absolutely mandatory to discuss who should pay on the first date and the one thing to remember is that there will always be enough time to bring money into the picture. Just enjoy getting to know one another so that your relationship grow stronger so that when the tough times come around you have a solid foundation to help you through them. Also, visit sites such as MillionaireMatch for additional helpful dating tips.