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First conquering the false prophet in me

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Of course we must beware of the wolf in a sheep's clothes!

Of course we must beware of the rationality of the cafeteria Catholic and their Pro-Choice sentiments. Of course we must beware of the remnant of the Vatican II hijackers and their pizza and clowns liturgies. Of course we must beware of the progressive-socialist and their longing to puppeteer our wonderful Pope into service for their ideology. Of course we must beware of the corruption of the Temple (as Jesus turned the tables) in creeping capitalistic Catholicism--faith for profit.

But most of all we must beware of the false prophet within ourselves.

"Jesus said to his disciples: 'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will know them.'" Matthew 7:15-20

It takes one to know one.

In effect, if you want to smell out a wolf in a sheep's cloth, ask a struggling wolf like me. Or ask the many struggling wolf's in every parish across this great nation of ours. You don't have to travel far to find a false prophet. All you have to do is face the reluctant Jonah in the mirror.

Let's face it. Sacramental confession is for people who have bared bad fruit. In other words, sin. If you or I have been going to Mass on Sunday, and walked out in the world on Monday, we have participated in some false prophecy! After all, you don't need a camel skin outfit like John the Baptist to be a prophet. All you need is baptism and confirmation. And you don't need to be preaching aloud on the street corner--all you need is to live your life as witness to what truly rules your heart.

But the good news, in the gospel truth, is that God is the keeper of the vineyard. And, though painful, and humiliating (humility), God can prune us, and replant us, in the ground (humus-humility) of His Saving Truth.

Better than a politician, a prophet can admit their wrong, and lead forward through Life in the Perfecting Way of Christ. This should teach us to discern the fruit of other 'prophets,' and view our own shrubbery for falsity and hypocrisy.

Like any plant or bush, we truly rely on the Vineyard Keeper, the rays of the Son, and the Living Water of the Spirit for our harvest.