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First Congregational United Church of Christ: Webcast every Sunday

UCC Broadcast Ministry
UCC Broadcast Ministry
Potter Pro Media

After the successful creation of the UCC Broadcast ministry which streamed the Good Friday and Easter service,the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Downers Grove will present a webcast every Sunday service at 11:00 am. Viewers will be able see the pastoral message at The congregation lives by the focus of God always speaking to us and how we can learn through his guidance. Part of what they express is through the following beliefs:

We believe that each person is unique and valuable. It is the will of God that every person belong to a family of faith where they have a strong sense of being valued and loved.

We believe that each person is on a spiritual journey and that each of us is at a different stage of that journey.

We believe that the persistent search for God produces an authentic relationship with God, engendering love, strengthening faith, dissolving guilt, and giving life purpose and direction.

Combined with their messages of love and possibility, is the gratifying music of professional musicians and church vocalists that help to create a a distinct spiritual atmosphere. Songs are organized and practiced of all dimensions that truly compliment the churches sincere approach to a world wide community of faith.

Besides the UCC broadcast ministry, Potter Pro Media of Downers Grove specializes in web casting, sound/ video production and all facets of electronic marketing/advertising. Click on their name for more information about their services and The First Congregational United Church of Christ in Downers Grove for details concerning other church events, education and community efforts.

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