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First clip of Ben Kingsley in Marvel One-Shot 'All Hail the King'

According to Entertainment Weekly on Jan. 15, the first Marvel One-Shot preview clip "All Hail the King" has been revealed. Trevor Slattery, played by Ben Kingsley, has still some how garnered attention from the public as bit of a worldwide celebrity since he made his "acting" debut casting out staged threats of his tyranny and villainy as he was really in league with Aldrich Killian of A.I.M. in "Iron Man 3".

Actor Sir Ben Kingsley speaks onstage during the 27th American Cinematheque Award honoring Jerry Bruckheimer at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 12, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The situation where Slattery was actually was but a clueless and desperate actor seeking an acting gig seems to bring some kind of attention to the Mandarin's history. Most importantly, the documentarian Jackson Norris, played Scoot McNairy, decides to interview the prisoner Slattery and seems to go about dissecting how the character he portrayed that struck fear into the world. McNairy has also been known for his roles in "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" and "Argo".

Fans will get the opportunity to see this film short when "Thor: The Dark World" is released on Blu-ray Feb. 25.

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