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First clip from Al Pacino's critically-acclaimed performance in 'Manglehorn'

Al Pacino as "Manglehorn'
Al Pacino as "Manglehorn'
Venice Film Festival

Earlier this year David Gordon Green worked wonders for Nicolas Cage's career with Joe, a low-key drama that was the actor's best performance in years. And now Green appears to be doing the same for Al Pacino with Manglehorn, curbing the legendary actor's recent tendencies in favor of a subtler, complex turn. As the film has recently played at the Venice Film Festival, one of two Pacino has at the fest this year, the first clip from Manghlehorn has arrived.

Pacino stars alongside Holly Hunter, Harmony Korine, and Chris Messina in the story of A.J. Manglehorn, a regular guy in a small Texas town, still pining for the love of his life that he gave up on years earlier. But Manglehorn, who follows the same routine every day of his life, is keeping a dark secret that will soon be revealed to all. This particular scene features Hunter, who plays a bank teller who Manglehorn strikes up a close friendship with.

Manglehorn has yet to gain U.S. distribution but given the name value of Green and Pacino, coupled with some strong early reviews, should change that pretty quickly.