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First Cast Meeting - Next Great Film

In keeping with the legend set by “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” twice nominated for BAFTA Awards, and Golden Globe winner “!2 Years a Slave” Mark Campbell Productions is currently in pre-production of a fascinating and riveting feature filmCottonwood.” “Cottonwood” is based on a novel by Stacy Dean Campbell and inspired by true events taken from 1937 West Texas in the ravages of dust bowl destruction, financial depression and burning racial tension. SEE:

Louis Gossett, Jr.

In the next step along the accelerating path to production, completion and ultimate release yesterday cast member and critically acclaimed teen actress Kari Irwin meet with fellow cast member screen legend and Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Louis Gossett, Jr. at a secluded location on southern California’s golden coast. It was the first time these two “Cottonwood” cast members had a chance to meet. Part of the purpose of that meeting was to formulate ways to advance the IndieGoGo campaign currently under way. Mark Campbell Productions is seeking a relatively modest amount of seed money from this crowd funding campaign. Once that has been accomplished there is in place several options for full completion financing. In the words of Mr. Gossett, “This is a film that must be made.” You may join this illustrious team by simply going to: Several industry insiders, who have read the script, hold the opinion that this movie has Oscar written all over it.

There was instant positive chemistry between the veteran film legend Louis Gossett Jr. and the protégé’ actress Kari Irwin. Also on hand was award winning Director and Cinematographer Rick Greenwood who captured some of the highlights of the meeting on video for general news release and in support of their current campaign. Only one day before this meeting another star cast member Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame announced his participation to his wide world of fans on the Aerosmith fan page. As the project marches steadily towards production further cast meetings are anticipated with other well known cast members including Anthony Michael Hall, Ethan Suplee, Alison Eastwood and Waylon Payne to name but a few.

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