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First Casey Kasem, now Glen Campbell: Celebrity family feuds

Ashley Campbell, Glen Campbell and Kim Campbell at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2012
Ashley Campbell, Glen Campbell and Kim Campbell at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2012
Photo by Larry Busacca

Country music icon Glen Campbell, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, was placed in a long term care facility back in April. Though his current wife thought the move was in his best interest, Glen Campbell’s daughter Debby from a previous marriage, disagrees.

In an article with Billboard, Campbell’s wife Kim defended her decision. She claims that though she would like to have him at home with her, it’s no longer in his best interest. Despite Debby’s claims that Glen Campbell should remain at home and that more relatives should take the time to visit him, Kim Campbell says that Glen gets plenty of company at the care facility where he now resides.

Kim Campbell says that Glen’s children who live in Nashville visit frequently, as well as longtime friends. He also takes part in therapy with people who specialize in caring for Alzheimer’s patients. In an article with People, Kim Campbell claims that Glen’s daughter Kelli as well as his siblings all support the move to the care facility.

So, why then, is his daughter Debby so upset? She claims that she wasn’t told about the move and heard it through the media so perhaps she simply feels left out. Or perhaps she has valid reasons for believing her father should receive care in the comfort of his own home.

Either way, the care of the ailing Glen Campbell has become yet another celebrity family feud. Earlier this year, the family of Casey Kasem squabbled over who had the right to make decisions for the former radio personality. Kasem, like Campbell, suffered from a disease that affected his mind and ability to make decisions for himself. Kasem was stricken with Lewy body dementia and his children from his first marriage also went to war with the current wife.

In Casey Kasem’s situation, his wife Jean was accused of kidnapping him and his children were very concerned for his medical well-being. When Kasem’s daughter filed a missing persons report, her father was found and eventually spent the last weeks of his life in a hospital in Washington. However, even after his death, his family is still feuding about where he should be buried.

Any form of dementia is difficult on family members. It seems that whether celebrity or not, communication and understanding the reasons behind each family member’s feelings and wishes is key to finding common ground during what is sure to be a challenging and emotional time for all. Hopefully, Glen Campbell’s family will come to a peaceful agreement before his passing.

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