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First aide for your hair, nails and skin during these icy cold wintery months

Keep your body , skin , hair and nails protected during these wintery months
Keep your body , skin , hair and nails protected during these wintery months -

With winter upon us, the temperatures dipping below zero at times , our skin, hair and nails need nourishment to replenish and get rid of those dry flakes and scaly skin.

Being out in this weather tends to cause trauma on our face, hands, skin exposed to the cold ,wind, snow and coming into the dry heat to warm up.

There are many easy remedies that can help us achieve glowing, silky skin right away. Hair that tends to get that static

cling , our peeling cracked chipped nails , Our skin that looks and feels like shoe leather.

One important factor if you need to be out in this weather , cover your face, hands , head to protect as much of you

as possible from these wintery storms. Before hopping into bed , use some basic cold cream and gloves for your

hands to nourish and replenish your skin and nails. . Mixing 2 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil

together makes a wonderful lotion for dry skin for the face and hands. Your hair also needs TLC from the heat and

winter cold try applying some old fashion VO5 conditioner or a few drops of olive oil to the hair , covering with a

plastic bag for 15- to 20 minutes while relaxing and keeping warm in your abode.

As always I cant stress enough , please drink plenty of water daily to replenish your skin from head to your toes.

Before you know it spring will be just around the corner and the first aide that you used on yourself

will have healed and helped you through these blustery winter months.

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