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First aid for a feline with a fever

I feel so hot
I feel so hot
Karla Kirby

If your cat seems to be under the weather and his/her face and ears feel hot, it’s very possible kitty has a fever. Take your feline’s rectal temperature using an electric fever thermometer. A cat’s regular resting temperature ranges from 100.5° to 102.5°F. A temperature of 103°F or above amounts to a fever and a fever of 105°F or above is a potentially life-threatening situation that necessitates instant attention.

For a fever of 105°F or above, use cooling measures by wetting down your cat’s fur coat with cool water and placing him/her by a fan.

Seek veterinary care right away. Don’t wait it out. You don’t want to lose your cat counting o luck.

Do not use ice or even cold water. Cool tap water is much better. A cat’s temperature can go down at an amazing speed and this is indeed life threatening.

Do not over do it. Felines have fine, delicate, and small bodies and can lose heat rapidly. Once your pet’s temperature comes down to 103°F; cease cooling measures.

Do not give human fever remedies such as aspirin, Tylenol®, or Advil. They are meant for humans and poisonous to cats.

Don’t panic, cats can pick upon your anxiety very easily.

Remember: First Aid is the care made available to a sick or injured cat until professional help is possible. True, First Aid does not take the place of good veterinary treatment, but when used correctly, it could make all the difference in the world for both you and your cat.

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