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First aid for a cat suffering from paralysis

My leg won't move
My leg won't move
Karla Kirby

Occasionally a cat will suffer from paralysis which is the loss of ability to put parts of the body, for example the legs or tail into motion. This may happen due to a traumatic injury such as a being hit by an automobile or a serious or a serious heart problem that causes blood clots to lodge in the extremities of the feline.

If this condition should show up in your feline, approach him/her with extreme caution. The fact kitty can’t move does not mean there is no pain.

Keep the cat as calm, unperturbed and still as possible

Transport your cat the same as you would for fracture which is, supporting the injured body part as well as possible in a plastic carrier with the top detached or an inflexible cardboard box carefully lined with clean, soft towels.

Seek veterinary care without delay. This is most assuredly an emergency and needs to be taken very seriously. It is a matter of life and death and every single second counts. Do not underestimate the graveness of this crucial situation and know this—the cat can probably be saved if you are resourceful and quick.

Keep it in your mind always: First Aid is the care made available to a sick or injured cat until professional help is possible. True, First Aid does not take the place of good veterinary treatment, but when used correctly, it could make all the difference in the world for both you and your cat

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