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Firing of Dolphin coaches raises questions about workplace bullying

The firing of Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Jim Turner and Head Trainer Kevin O'Neill over a team bullying incident involving Dolphins players raises questions about workplace bullying in general. Football is a rough and tough game and sometimes players can be a little mean spirited. But what about bullying in a professional office environment?

"I worked as a paralegal for a number of years and sometimes the lawyers could be very hard and mean spirited," said Kelly Paramour.

"I don't think work place bullying should be tolerated. I have worked as a janitor in Miami and I don't like being talked down to, said Jorge Hernandez.

"Sometimes you have to be hard on people to get the best results. I am hard to work for sometimes but I always achieve top results from my people," said Michael Henderson.

"I hope this incident, which is very high profile casts a light on the problem of managers taking advantage of workers who have few if any workplace rights," said Nicole Espinosa.

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