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Fireworks reveal your personality

What is your favorite fire cracker?
What is your favorite fire cracker?

What is your favorite fire cracker? Did you know it can reveal many things about your personality? As you venture out this 4th of July, pay attention to which fireworks, you love, and learn a little more about who it reveals you are deep inside of yourself. By allowing the inner child in you to take you back to your youth, and reminiscing which firework you could not wait to light, will show you who the authentic you really is.

Sparklers: You are a person who likes to be in control. You are careful when making decisions; you don’t want to get burned. You want the sparkler in your hand so you can decide how to wave it in the air, and watch the beautiful sparks fly where YOU send them; you have total control over the sparkler.

The Blooming Flower: You have a lot of energy. You get more done in a day than most people do in a week. This firecracker spins on the ground with changing colors. Just like you, this firecracker never stops until the fuse goes out.

The Roman Candle: You are an extrovert. You wear flashy clothes. You like to be the center of attention. The Roman candle demands to be noticed. Everyone stops to watch it; just like they do you.

The Bottle Rocket: You set high standards and goals for yourself. You will make sure you will achieve your dreams, and you will be heard. The bottle rocket is a powerful firecracker, can achieve great heights, and is loud.

The Snake: You are a patient person. You are the peace-maker. You get along well with children, and senior citizens. When you light a snake you stand and watch it grow. This is not a loud or flashy firecracker, but something about it makes you stop, and just watch.

The Fountain: You are a classic. You are a person of elegance, and you have good posture. You are dependable. You are good looking. The fountain is also a classic. The display the fountain presents is like a huge performance at Carnegie Hall. It is a traditional firecracker that has withstood all the years.

Black Cats: You enjoy the simple things in life. You don’t like surprises; you like the traditional. You take life seriously, and you are consistent in all you do. You make a great employee. The Black Cat is a very old, firework that has been around for a long time. Everyone knows you light them, and you will hear a big bang. The black cat remains consistent year- after- year.

The Parachute: You like adventure. You are a risk taker. Somehow, no matter what happen in life, you always land on your feet. The parachute has unfailingly been a challenging firecracker, because you never know for sure when you light it, if the parachute is going to open, and the little army man dangling from it will make it safely to the ground.

Happy 4th of July.

What kind of firecracker are you?

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