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Firestorm Group pulls an April Fools joke on SL!

Waking up April 1st, I logged into Second Life (C) and discovered that the Firestorm viewer developers had broken the boundaries of pocket metaverse aps for smartphones, and were announcing a fully functioning version of SL mobile. Finally! I shouted. No more text-based aps, full graphics, run by....wait, by nanobots? And it runs on non-smart phones? And is that an....Atatri gaming system?

In one of the best April Fools jokes I have seen in years, the Firestorm Group released this video touting their new pocket ap. I actually watched the whole thing JUST to make sure it was a joke, and even after I logged off, I did a search of Android aps to check!

My hats are off to you, Jessica Lyon et al. But that does bring up the subject of what aps are out there for download for SL.

For Android systems, Lumiya, listed on the Linden Labs Third Party Viewer directory, works in 3d with fairly good graphics, if not restricted by the speed of your cell connection.

For iphone/ipad ios aps, Pocket metaverse also does a decent job if you need to get your mobile SL fix on.

Me? I'm waiting for the Atari ap.

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