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Fires continue to spontaneously start and burn in San Diego County

San Diego county continues to endure a firestorm into the third day compounded with a heat way that caused temperatures to rise into the three digits.

Fire burning near Avenido del Diablo in Escondido
Fire burning near Avenido del Diablo in Escondido
Dawson Dean
Escondido hillside on fire
Photo by Dawson Dean

Spot fires spontaneously continue to pop up throughout San Diego County. Although most of the fires have been located in the San Diego North County area, especially the fire in San Marcos called the Cocos fire, there are also fires randomly starting in East County.

A fire on Los Coches Road and Aurora in Lakeside burned for several hours circling around a house that was on top of the hill. By the time the fire was contained the home had been saved by fire fighters even though they received no air support because all of the planes were fighting fires in North County.

Another fire began in Escondido on Wednesday evening near Avenido del Diablo road. Young photographer Dawson Dean was able to capture photos of that fire as it engulfed the hillside. (Please see photos attached to this article). He explained to the Examiner that the fire was so intense it was hard to tell exactly what was on fire, although he believe a house was engulfed. He also said he could smell rubber burning and believed it could have been a car that was burning.

"Most of the hillside was engulfed in fire and smoke," said Dean.

The Escondido neighborhood on Shadow Glen that was in the path of the oncoming fire was put under evacuation and the street was closed. Firefighters were also able to successfully contain that fire before it reached those homes.

Evacuations in Carlsbad and Fallbrook have been lifted early Thursday evening, after the county issued 15,000 evacuation notices on Wednesday, and during a hot spot check, fire crews discovered a body which is the first fatality reported since the fires began.

Thursday afternoon a fire was reported near 805 and 47th Street that was quickly contained and then a few hours later there were two structure fires reported in El Cajon on Bradley Avenue and John Crosson Drive, as reported by the Heartland Fire Scanner.

Because of the number of fires in so many different locations, authorities are investigating whether there is a arsonist that is setting the fires. The San Diego sheriff department told Fox news that they will be doing an investigation into the cause of the fires and are asking the public to please contact them if they see any suspicious activity and call 760-602-7599.

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