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Firehouse vocalist CJ Snare goes back to his roots with new band Rubicon Cross

A few years back a buzz begin stirring about a new band forged at the hands of Furyon/Pride fret wizard Chris Green and Firehouse vocalist CJ Snare. The band would be dubbed Rubicon Cross and the eponymous 2011 limited edition four song teaser EP had journalists and hard rock enthusiasts excited for the full package. It has been a long three years of waiting but the reward is proving worth it for both Rubicon Cross and the fans, old and new. This month, CJ Snare took some time out to talk with The Examiner about the full length debut.

Rubicon Cross
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The self-titled album will be launched on May 19th through Universal/inGrooves, with a special deluxe edition landing in the Nikki Sixx – Sixx Sense rack exclusively at Best Buy. The record is packed with monster riffs, huge hooks, and addictive melodies. The four tracks from the EP are re-recorded here with the inclusion of the full band, which includes bassist Simon Farmery, drummer Robert Behnke and guitarist Jeff Lerman.

What began as a solo project for Snare turned into a songwriting partnership when he met Green while touring in Spain with Firehouse. Green (and Farmery) were in Pride at the time. Their friendship and passion for music yielded their first song, “Moving On” which was written as the band tells it, “in a tiny Bedsit in Brighton, UK (where Chris was living) and they celebrated the completion of the first track with an extremely spicy Chicken Kung Pao from the local take away.”

The new album is a turn for both Green and CJ, and while Firehouse fans are sure to love Rubicon Cross, don’t expect it to sound like them. Snare has gone back to his metal roots with Rubicon Cross, getting edgier and downright nasty on some tracks. He has made fuller use of his vocal abilities as can be heard on the debut single “Bleed With Me” which may be viewed here.

As the band shares:

“The making of ‘Bleed with Me’ was thwart with dead ends and mishaps. Although the video was discussed and planned nearly 5 months in advance, 48 hours before the video was shot they still had no venue to shoot it in. Luckily, in the 11th hour a great friend of the band came forward and said his father owned an abandoned factory in Racine, Wisconsin. Simon quickly scooted up there to check it out, and in less than 2 days the band were in there shooting the video amongst thick brick dust, spider webs and vast amounts of booze.”

In our interview above, CJ talks about many of the songs on the debut Rubicon Cross album, making a name in the modern music industry, as well as his work with Liberty and Justice, and his passion for Sophia Vergara. Check it out and pre-order the deluxe edition of “Rubicon Cross” here for only $7.99.

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