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Firefly UpSee brings walking mobility

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The Firefly UpSee is an awesome invention to help children with disabilities to walk! The device is used with a parent or caregiver to actually walk with their child. A mother invented this wonderful walking device.

Debby Elnatan invented the UpSee for her now 19 year old son. He has cerebral palsy, and doctors told the mother don't let him crawl or stand in fear of spasticity. She didn't listen and created a device that allowed her son to walk with her. She also wanted his hands to be free for playing and exploring.

Elnatan used the device until her son was seven. She would adjust it as he grew. Her invention took awhile to become available to the public. Now finally it can be bought with a price tag of around $450. It might sound like a lot but when putting a price on a child's mobility, it is very inexpensive.

Families have been trying the UpSee and loving it! If interested in learning more or ordering one, please go to