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Firefly Music Festival, the weekend of music & fun June 19th - 22nd 2014.

The largest premier music experience on the East Coast, the Firefly Music Festival, is gearing up for it's 3rd year and is now spanning 4 days, June 19th - 22nd 2014. This makes it a great weekend getaway with friends and family. The last article focused on how Firefly began and general information. This weekend we will delve into some of the other attractions that makes the festival special.

Dave Grohl
Photo by Larry Busacca
Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters will be headlining the Firefly Music Festival 2014
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Last year Firefly let a group of attendees film their experience..."The Official After Movie" video is posted as well as videos covering the camping experience, the attractions and recaps of last years festival for each day. Besides the seven stages filled with all types of music day and night, you will also find other unique attractions.

The Brewery - "Firefly's on-site craft beer bar. Sample a large variety of Dogfish Head's award-winning beer as you step inside an air-conditioned lounge and keep up with live-streaming festival performances. Firefly and Dogfish Head are also proud to serve Firefly Ale for the third year, a Dogfish Head Pale Ale specially brewed for the festival!"

TOMS Style Your Sole "is back to hook you up with the coolest pair of shoes you can dream up. Purchase a pair of TOMS shoes on-site and work with our expert artists to customize your one-of-a-kind kicks. For every pair of shoes purchased at Firefly, TOMS will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need as part of their One For One Movement."

The Coffee House - "Don’t miss one of the most unique festival features of The Woodlands: The Coffee House. As musical performances extend into the late evenings, we want to ensure our festival goers are awake and ready for nighttime shows. The Coffee House offers a full café experience and live musical performances throughout the day."

The Thicket - "If a beat drops in the woods, but everyone has headphones on, does it still make a sound? Yes. The Thicket is one of the most popular attractions at Firefly Music Festival and provides an unforgettable experience for fans. Nestled in a wooded glen, The Thicket hosts an exclusive party experience hidden in the forest, while being only steps away from the main festival area."

The Pathway - "While beautiful during the day, The Pathway doesn't show its true colors until the sun goes down. Swing through our favorite forest clearing after sunset to check out some lighting and video displays that will put your neighborhood Christmas-lighting enthusiast to shame."

The Hammock Hangout - "With so many awesome shows to see and things to do, it’s easy to get a little tuckered out at Firefly. That’s why you can't miss Hammock Hangout; your perfect excuse to relax during the festival weekend. "

Dining at Firefly - In 2014 Firefly will be bringing a variety of food options "in an effort to provide you with a well-rounded experience. We want you to feel good about what food you're eating to fuel yourself throughout the weekend. Expect healthier options, including vegan and vegetarian choices amongst others. Whether you're hungry for something healthy, something unhealthy, or something downright bizarre, you'll have options."

The Arcade - "When you need a break from the music or are waiting for your favorite band to set up, head over to The Arcade where we've brought vintage arcade games to the great outdoors. Revisit your nostalgic memories and test your skills at games like pinball, skeeball, foosball and more, all completely free to play!"

The Hub - "is located near Firefly camping areas and provides attendees with anything they might need outside the festival gate! Purchase fresh fruit from the on-site farmer's market, or practice yoga with the group before heading into the festival to see your favorite band."

Don't forget to return to the Firefly website to check up on the new coming attractions yet to be listed for 2014. Stay tuned! Better yet...get your tickets and campsite now!

Michele Landon is a photojournalist with, follow her on Twitter @redheadlivepics and see more photos on her Facebook page Redhead LIVE! Music Photography. Make sure to subscribe to her on to be updated on the latest entertainment and music happening in our local area.

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