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Firefighters utilize 'creative ingenuity' to free puppy from rim

Puppy stuck in a wheel rim
Via Kern County Fire Dept. FB page

According to Saturday's NBC Los Angeles News, an inquisitive, young puppy found himself in a bit of a predicament late last week when he some how managed to wedge his head inside of a tire rim in Bakersfield, Calif.

The unique situation called for some professional assistance...the trapped puppy, along with the wheel rim that held him captive, was taken to a fire station in East Bakersfield where a rescue team, composed of Kern County firefighters from Station 41, utilized a bit of "creative ingenuity," to free him.

On Friday afternoon, the Kern County Fire Department Facebook page posted a before and after shot of the curious pup, along with the following words about the slightly unusual situation:

Kern County Firefighters from station 41 located in East Bakersfield performed a unique extrication this afternoon. A puppy was stuck in the middle of a rim and was brought to the station by a local resident. Firefighters used cooking oil and creative ingenuity to free the puppy.

Dozens of comments followed the fire department's rescue post, including one from a woman who claims to be the puppy's owner. The woman indicated that the pit bull puppy's name, prior to the incident, was "JR" but now, they are calling him "Rim job." The woman also stated that the puppy, along with his siblings, are up for sale. She also noted that the pup was doing well following the incident, and she praised the fire fighters for lending a hand.

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